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This Department of Education led web based platform links all phases, sectors and library boards across Northern Ireland.  Driven by 'Every School a Good School' NI’s regional policy for school improvement, ESaGS focuses on meeting the needs and aspirations of all learners in a rapidly changing society. It outlines a vision for all schools in Northern Ireland and school Self evaluation and self improvement are at the heart of it. These programmes will enable schools to disseminate good practice, one of the key components of the policy.

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Leading to Success

Two experienced inspectors talk to four leaders of post-primary schools, three principals and a vice-principal, who, in the interests of all of their learners, led their schools successfully through a demanding period of improvement in leadership, provision and standards.
The provision in two schools had been evaluated by inspectors as satisfactory, one with unsatisfactory leadership.   Two other schools had been evaluated as less than satisfactory, and were placed by the Department of Education into a supportive process of formal intervention.  Over three to four years, the schools saw the evaluation of their overall effectiveness improve – up to two performance levels in most cases.
The challenges in each school were different, yet all four leaders have some important lessons to share about what it takes to lead to success.

The following Programme is the first in the series. To view all the programmes click here!

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