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Welcome to ESAGS.TV

The Department of Education led web based platform links all phases, sectors and library boards across Northern Ireland.  Driven by 'Every School a Good School' NI’s regional policy for school improvement, ESaGS focuses on meeting the needs and aspirations of all learners in a rapidly changing society. It outlines a vision for all schools in Northern Ireland and school Self evaluation and self improvement are at the heart of it. These programmes will enable schools to disseminate good practice, one of the key components of the policy.

Featured Programmes

Today's Featured Programme

Dissemination of Best Practice in Teaching & Learning Research

The National Children's Bureau (NCB) were commisioned by DE to:

- Identify and assess the effectiveness of current methods of disseminating best practice in teaching and learning by and within schools, and

- Identify alternative methods of disseminating bestptactice in other education systems and assess their applicability for use in Northern Ireland.

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